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Meet Dr. Lori Barr

Lori L. Barr, M.D. is a practicing radiologist, author, mentor, and speaker. She helps the physician specialist scale both practice and expertise so she or he has more freedom and resources to live a vibrant life and to help patients achieve improved vitality.

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I leverage my pattern recognition abilities honed during 30-plus years of diagnostic image interpretation to help physician specialists recognize practice patterns that squelch the joy of being the doctor they dreamed of being in medical school. Then we work together to scale their practice and their expertise to create more time freedom, influence, and profits so the joy returns to the relationships they build with their patients and others they love.

"Lori Barr is that rare M.D. who is willing to consider answers not yet fully accepted by the establishment. Read her book and you'll be encouraged that rigorous science and education don't always destroy imagination and the human spirit. Dr. Barr is a brilliant scientist who cares about people more than she cares about protocol."

Roy H. Williams, AuthorWizard of Ads Trilogy

“You were AMAZINGLY bold, brave and fantastic! REALLY. I hope you know how wow'd everyone was with what you did onstage.”

Brendon BurchardWorld Changer

“You are truly a phenomenal speaker and an even greater motivator. Thank you for letting God use you. It is evident that you are walking in your purpose.”

Chivonne HyppoliteEvent Execution Expert

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