I help physicians scale both practice and expertise so they have more time and money for self and those they serve. During my 15 years in academics in Galveston and Cincinnati, I leveraged my background in print and broadcast journalism to create educational videos for medical specialists about innovative interventional and imaging techniques. This was before audio and video were digital, before cloud storage and before YouTube.

Media has changed dramatically since those days. Media is simply the means of communication. Now there are three types of media. Find out how I leverage my expertise in all three arenas by exploring these links:

1. Traditional Media
2. New Media
3. Social Media

The first medium for communication was a newspaper. Today, traditional media refers to print and commercial broadcast periodicals. There is still room in your practice marketing budget for newspaper, radio and possibly television. This is also a time-tested way to gain influence outside of your practice.

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If you are a journalist, producer or booking agent looking for an expert, here are my areas of expertise:

• Scaling a Health Care Business for Profit and Not for Profit
• Pediatric Radiology
• Health, Wellness, Vitality
• Diagnostic Medical Imaging
• Ultrasound
• Magnetic Resonance
• Nuclear Medicine
• X-rays
• Computed Tomography
• Philanthropy
• Christianity and Science
• Medical Ethics
• Women in Business
• Women Entrepreneurs
• Women in Science
• Sustainable Farming
• Family Farms
• Children’s Hospitals
• Medical School

I like to bring props and perform demonstrations.

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