I wrote for 19 years before I got my first royalty check from a major publisher.

I wrote for 42 years before I became a best-selling author.

All that time, I was writing. I wrote ads, songs, cheers, newspaper articles, short stories, poems, case reports, grant proposals, presentations, marketing copy, and family Christmas letters. Since becoming a radiologist I’ve written and published 36 peer reviewed scientific papers, 7 books and 9 book chapters. I’ve been a reviewer or editor for 17 periodicals.

There is one thing that some writers do that I have never done…

Experience writers block.

Writing can be a muse and for the professional it is self-discipline.

As you read these words that I wrote to you, I am writing my next book and another book chapter and I am teaching my proteges how to become successful writers.

When we master the self-discipline, we celebrate!

My latest book will soon be released! You are invited to celebrate with me!

Money, Power, Time Off: The Luxurious Path to Better Patient Care

Money, Power, Time Off: The Luxurious Path to Better Patient Care

Current statistics reveal that while most doctors still have the potential to amass sizeable wealth, they continue to be poor stewards of their resources. Now a practicing physician who set her intention for abundance at age 16 reveals:

• how to avoid the mistakes that sabotage the legacy-building efforts of most physicians
• prosper for the betterment of your patients rather than at their expense
• how to live abundantly and stay within your means

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