I worked for 12 years (two years as a doctor) before I began saving more than social security for my retirement.

I worked for 32 years before I achieved financial freedom.

During that time, I worked 21 different jobs in 9 states.

I was a baby sitter, a clerical assistant, a fitness instructor, a waitress, and a model. I picked fruit and vegetables as a farm worker. I sold Amway door-to-door, had Tupperware parties, and sold Rexall on the internet when AOL was still new, and modems were very noisy.

All during that time I was writing, mentoring, speaking and becoming a doctor who cared.

Why am I sharing this?

Because this site exists so that you can learn from my mistakes.

It exists so that you avoid the dead ends I drove myself down before I found myself as a successful physician and mentor.

Why am I telling you this?

Because to enjoy any profession for over 30 years and still be able to count on two hands the number of days you wished you were somewhere else is not about luck and it is not about superior intelligence. It is about taking responsibility for our choices and disciplining ourselves.

It is about taking ownership of what is within our control: how strategically and how efficiently we work.

Two insights for those who are considering medicine as a profession.

The “Golden Age of Medicine” is only over when you decide being a doctor is nothing more than a job and that you are practicing a trade rather than a profession. That is why I stopped supporting the American Medical Association years ago.

The letters after your name, like “M.D.” are called “credentials” because they crown you with credibility. No matter what you choose to do with your life, credibility makes the work of success easier.

How We Help

I assist physician specialists and other professionals to scale their practice and their expertise, so they have more time and money to take care of themselves, have more time with those they love and treat their patients better. No need to keep striving for more money, power or time off if you’ve lost touch with your reason for being. My proteges get clear on where they are, what they want next and who they need to become to achieve that desired outcome. If you are interested in self-paced on-line education or implementation getaways to grow your practice and your expertise, click here to learn more about my current programs. I am a

• Career Consultant
• Scaling Strategist
• Visionary in Practice

Dr. Lori Barr

My flagship offering is…

P6 Performance Program 

This year-long program helps you shift clerical tasks from medical professionals so that you can focus on your area of genius…seeing patients!

The desired outcomes from P6 are:
• Measurably improved patient throughput, resource utilization and revenue.
• Measurably improved patient satisfaction and vitality outcomes.
• Measurably improved employee and shareholder satisfaction and joy.

P6 begins with an opportunity for you and your team to engage in a fun, blameless observation of the processes that you’ve developed as your practice has grown into its current state.

It continues with process mapping and role analysis until you get a clear picture in your mind of the practice patterns that decrease personal and organizational productivity and your profits. The 6 P’s of the program are:

1. Planning
2. Practice
3. Performance
4. Productivity
5. Profits
6. Power

Recommended shifts for practice patterns and the change implementation paths are outlined. An organization accountability structure is designed or optimized.

Scaling and exit strategies are established or optimized.

On-going monthly metric measurement and pattern shifting occurs until desired outcome metrics are achieved.

Let’s schedule a conversation to see if I am a good fit as a practice consultant for you or your group.

Dr. Lori Barr